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Trails Unblazed is a travel blog focusing on adventure travel, off the beaten path destinations, and realistic vacation ideas for people with real world obligations. While in one sense this blog is just a way for us to document our own personal travels, it is also a forum for collaboration with other travel writers, photographers, and brands. As such, there are several opportunities to work with us to help better serve our readers as well as to promote high quality content, products, and services.

Product Reviews

We currently offer opportunities for high quality products and services to be reviewed on our blog.

Example Product Reviews: WindPouch, Kahtoola Microspikes

Guest Submissions and Collaborative Posts

We accept submissions for travel related guest posts (details here), and are also open to ideas for collaborative posts with other travel bloggers. See here for an example of a collaborative post that we organized. We have also had our own content published on various travel sites and remain open to opportunities to write guest posts for sites looking for additional content.

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In addition to product reviews, we also offer opportunities to advertise directly on our site.

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