Plum Island in the Winter

plum island winter

Plumb island is an 11-mile stretch of land located off the north shore of Massachusetts. It’s home to one of the nicer beaches in Massachusetts and is a popular destination for bird watchers… if that’s your cup of tea. It takes about an hour to drive there from Boston so it’s an easy day beach trip in the summer. We happened to be in the area in February, which believe it or nor, is not prime beach season in New England. We decided to make a short visit to the island and drove in from Newburyport and paid the $5 daily entrance fee.

Even though no one in their right mind would ever go swimming at Plum Island in the winter, it is still a beautiful place to go for a walk any time of year. There were some birdwatchers posted up along the side of the road, but we were preoccupied with the ludicrous amount of sea foam on the beach. Maybe most people will point to the fact that it’s just a bunch of dead skin and other organic materials clumped together, but it was still pretty cool.

If you’re coming from out of town, the Blue Inn is a nice place to stay on the island, or there are plenty of good options right down the street in Newburyport. Newburyport is the quintessential New England coastal town an is definitely worth a visit if you’re not from the area.

Where to Eat: Black Cow Tap & Grill

Nice waterfront restaurant in Newburyport. Good food. Ocean views.


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