Anse L’Etang

L’Etang Beach – Martinique

L’Anse L’Etang (“Anse” translates to cove) was our favorite beach on the French island of Martinique. It won’t show up on many lists of “best beaches in Martinique” but its seclusion and lack of crowds is a big part of what made it our go-to beach during our week on the island.  Most tourists will immediately flock to Les Salines,  another exceptionally beautiful beach on the southern part of the island, but like most beautiful beaches that everyone knows about, it’s crowded. We would argue that L’Etang is on par with Les Salines, but with a fraction of the amount of visitors.
l'tang beach Martinique
L’Etang is located on the Caravelle Peninsula less than a 20 minute walk from the center of the town of Tartane. If you take a left on Rue de la Plage off of the D2, The road will lead you down to the beach. There is a small parking area next to the beach if you’d prefer to drive. We’d recommend renting an Airbnb or staying in one of the hotels on the Caravelle Peninsula, but if you’re staying elsewhere on the island you’ll never be more than 1-1.5 hours away from L’Etang.


It may not be the stereotypical Caribbean beach with white sand and turqoise water, but L’Etang is spectacular in a more rugged way. It is truly a cove, with rocky cliffs on each side of the beach forming a secluded slice of palm tree-lined paradise. One important thing to note is that the waves are fairly strong, making it a good spot for surfing, but perhaps less ideal for lounging in the shallow water. There is also a small restaurant called the Cocoa Beach Cafe tucked away on the far left side of the beach (if you’re facing the water). It was actually one of the better restaurants we ate at during our trip.
l'tang beach Martinique
anse l'etang martinique
l'tang beach Martinique
l'etang beach Martinique
Cocoa Beach Cafe
l'étang martinique
anse l'etang Martinique


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