Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater

crater map

Meteor crater was a quick stop on our Arizona road trip. Since the crater is privately owned, admission is $18/person, which is a egregious, especially considering admission to the Grand Canyon is $30/per vehicle for an entire week. So I guess when it comes to paying to look at holes in the ground, the Grand Canyon gives you the most bang for your buck. On the bright side, admission to meteor crater comes with a voucher for a free chocolate chip cookie at the Subway in the visitor center (if you buy a sub…). Despite the fact that this is a bit of a tourist trap, the crater is impressive and worth the quick stop. It is almost one mile across and about 550 feet deep. So it’s huge. There was also a small museum in the visitor center with some interesting information about the history of the crater and other meteor impacts.


View from the parking lot





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