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Prior to our trip to Alaska, we received two brand-new WindPouches, because pouches full of air are much more comfortable than sitting on frozen tundra. Essentially WindPouches are inflatable hammocks that can be used on land or water and don’t require straps or trees. It takes some practice to figure out how to properly inflate the WindPouch, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.

How to Inflate

The outer layer is made of polyurethane-coated nylon so it is water resistant and it won’t tear if you use it on rocky terrain. Inside this outer layer are two clear plastic sleeves that contain the air when the WindPouch is being used.  Despite the name, wind is not a prerequisite for inflating a WindPouch. You just need to open each sleeve one at a time and wave it quickly forward so that they fill with air before closing. Once each sleeve is mostly full of air, you roll them up a few times and then buckle it up. At first it might seem like you haven’t trapped enough air in the sleeves, but once you roll the end a few times it’s good to go.  See the video below for a demo.

*You really don’t have to run in order to inflate them, but when you have so much open space, why not. 

How to Use

See the below video for a demonstration for proper relaxation technique. For use in water, the technique is similar, although with slightly different attire.


The WindPouch, is extremely comfortable both on land and in water, and once you learn how to inflate it, it’s perfect for lounging around a campsite, at the beach, or in front of the TV if you really want to. They come in a small drawstring backpack so they can be carried around easily once you roll them up. They were also ideal for Alaska, because it gives you all the benefits of a hammock without requiring trees. We don’t necesserily view the WindPouch as an absolute substitute for a hammock, but it is certainly more practical in certain settings. Anyone with a refined taste for comfort would be wise to own both. The WindPouch is an integral part of any well diversified arsenal of lounge gear.





WindPouch in water


Disclaimer: We were provided with the products in exchange for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are our own and not influenced in any way by WindPouch or its affiliates.


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